The Baltic Musical Seasons Foundation


Music is the universal language of mankind. We have a little secret we would like to share with you – when we asked several classical music performers what shapes their music and how they intend to pull at the hearstrings of the audience, they essentially gave us the same response: „The key is to focus on all things beautiful!” .The Baltic Musical Seasons Foundation collaborates with the world’s most renowned maestros, new talents and geniuses, whose artistry unleashes the immense and magical power of sound.


Throughout the centuries, artists and musicians have loved to present their creative interpretations of the seasons of the year. When we listen to ‘The Four Seasons’, a renowned baroque music masterpiece by a Venetian composer Antonio Vivaldi, we can actually feel all the nuances of autumn, winter, spring and summer. Following in the footsteps of great artists, the Baltic Musical Season Foundation aims to use its creative projects to emphasize that music has ‘seasons’ of its own and its sound changes depending on the time, place and composition.


Located in the heart of the Baltic region, Latvia boasts pristine nature; in fact, over half of the country’s territory is covered by green forests. Take a walk through the pine-covered dunes and the endless white sand beaches. Experience nature from its most beautiful side and let it inspire you. These are only few of the reasons why Baltic Musical Seasons take place here in Latvia, a country with rich cultural and historical heritage, as well as incredible architecture that includes 19th century wooden houses and luxurious Art Noveau buildings. The delight of hearing classical music in tandem with the Baltic culture will remain in your memories forever. 

Our mission is to conduct large, high-profile events in the field of classical music in order to promote Latvia as a cultural centre of Northern Europe, to increase the tourist flow, as well as to preserve and develop cultural traditions.

Mission / Baltic Musical Seasons